Titles by Peter Fraser

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Transformation Between The Realms

Using Maps and Systems in Homœopathy

The AIDS Miasm


Drug Remedies

From Earth to Sky Through The Underworld

The Drug Remedies are a complex group of remedies made mostly from plants from many families and synthetic chemicals. Many of the substances from which they are made have important roles in medicine and in society and have an important role in the treatment of many modern diseases and states. Using many different sources the homœopathic pictures of more than 75 remedies are examined as well as the general picture of Drug  Remedies and of the sub groups: Narcotics, Stimulants and Hallucinogens.

ISBN 9781-874581-222

Transformation Between The Realms

When a case involves movement between two different Realms the point of movement and change will often be the dynamic centre of the case. Understanding the nature and direction of that movement can indicate remarkably clearly which of the groups of remedies is called for. Understanding the nature and details of that movement is the easiest and most reliable way of indicating which remedy within the group is the most suitable.

Each title looks at the natural properties and story of the group. It then gives a picture of the group as a whole and the issues that are important for all the remedies. Each known remedy within the group is examined to see which issues predominate and what are the special feature of that individual remedy.

Many of the titles in this series are also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Hungarian.


Seeking the Freedom of the Skies

The Birds have only recently been introduced into homœopathy but they already constitute an important part of the materia medica. They are a homologous group and can be very difficult to differentiate. This title looks at nearly 40 different Bird remedies and draws out some of the features that can be used to see the distinctions between them.

ISBN 9781-874581-215


Escaping the Earth

Revised edition with added remedies

The Insects are the largest and most important class of animals. They are central to all aspects of life on Earth. Yet the Insect remedies have not claimed their proper place in homeopathy. Only a handful are well known and even then principally for their acute properties. This title looks at the features of the Insect world and how they correspond to modern society. It then looks at the known Insect remedies old and new and examines how they differ from each other.

ISBN 9781-874581-185


Suspended between Earth and Sky

The Spiders have been important in homœopathy since its early days but only a few have been widely used. This title examines the spider properties and looks at the characteristic features of both the common and the unusual remedies so a more accurate similar can be found in cases that indicate a Spider remedy.

ISBN 9781-874581-19


Drawing Power from The Underworld

Some Snake remedies have been among the most used of polychrests but there are many more snake remedies that could be considered. Some are neglected old remedies; others, including the family of constrictors are recently proved and not well known. This title indicates some of the characteristic features of Snake remedies and some of the peculiarities that can be used to differentiate them.

ISBN 9781-874581-208

Using Maps and Systems in Homœopathy

There are many systems that are used by homœopaths to look at their patients and their remedies and so to understand them better. This series of books offers an introduction to some of the most important of them, outlining their origins, development and some of the more significant versions.

The books describe the systems and how they can be used to better understand both cases and remedies and so better match them. The approach is versatile and open and allows the reader to adapt the system to their own particular needs and their understanding of homœopathy.


We are inhabitants of the Earthly Realm but many of our remedies come from or have powerful connection to the other Realms of the Sea, the Sky and the Underworld. By understanding their natures and the issues that are important in each of the Realms it is easier to recognize them in a case and so to know when a remedy from a particular Realm is indicated.

ISBN 9781-874581-24X

Mappa Mundi

The Mappa Mundi, also known as the Circle, is a way of looking at cases and remedies that is derived from the classical principles of balance between the Humours and between the Elements. By learning how to put a case and a remedy on the Circle one comes to a quick and clear comprehension. It is a system that used to great effect by many homœopaths but this is the first time it has been explained in a clear and practical way.

ISBN 9781-874581-258



The Miasms are a concept that has been central to homœopathy since its earliest days. This title offers a a clear description of the nature of the Miasms and so a way to a quick understanding of the nature and character of a case.

ISBN 9781-874581-260


Homœopathic philosophy often seems abtruse and impractical. However, it can be a practical tool in understanding a case and in following its development. This is a practical work describing how referring back to the basic principles will answer many difficult questions.

ISBN 9781-874581-277


Homoeopathy has always recognised that a disease is a physical manifestation of a central, but intangible disturbance of the Vital Force. Only by understanding the relationship between symptoms and the disturbance can we understand the disease. Mystic ideas such as the Cabbala and Swedenborgianism can be used to better understand the correspondence between a disease and its symptoms.

ISBN 9781-874581-284


The proving is a vital part of homoeopathy. It is the process by which remedies are discovered, explored and added to the materia medica. Without provings we would not have any information on non toxic substances and only the crudest picture of the toxic ones. Understanding how a proving works and how to read a proving gives us a much clearer picture of what we know about a remedy and how we know it.

ISBN 9781-874581-291

The AIDS Miasm

Contemporary Disease and the New Remedies

Peter's first title appeared in 2002 and encapsulated his insight and thought-provoking analysis of homœopathy in the context of the modern world.

The first part describes how technological advances have corresponded to the development of deep human disease and how modern technology corresponds to a new state which he calls the AIDS Miasm.

The second part illustrates how the new homœopathic remedies contain many of the issues of contemporary society and are often meet the needs of patients struggling to cope with the pressures of the modern world

ISBN 9781-874581-231